Integrate Kameleoon with Segment

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Updated on 22/09/2020

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You can link Kameleoon to to push data from your Kameleoon experiments into the visualization tools offered by Segment.

Enable integration on Kameleoon

On the Integrations page

Log in to your personal space, click on “Administrate” and then “Integrations” in the sidebar.

For more information on this page, see our dedicated article.

By default, the tool is not installed. This is signaled by this icon:

With a click on “Install the tool”, you will be able to select the websites on which you want to activate it.

Once you have configured the tool, click on “Validate” in the bottom-right corner: the configuration panel closes. You will then see a “ON” toggle on the right of the tool’s line, as well as the number of websites the tool is configured on.

The results of your experiments will be transmitted to if the script of the tool is installed on your pages.

Activate on an experiment

In an A/B experiment

Once is activated on the Integrations page, you can select it as a reporting tool at the “Tracking and goals” step of the finalization panel (or in the BO Code editor).

In a personalization

Once is activated on the Integrations page, you can select it as a reporting tool on the personalization creation page.

On the results page

It is also possible to select it among the reporting tools on the results page.

In the right sidebar, click on “Reporting Tools” and then on “Edit”.

Select and don’t forget to validate!

Data transmission

As soon as Segment has been installed and defined as a reporting tool in an experiment, an event called “Experiment viewed” will be sent automatically every time a visitor sees a variation of an active Kameleoon A/B experiment.

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