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Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 11/20/2023

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To analyze and track your campaigns, several systems are available. Kameleoon integrates all major Web Analytics solutions (Google Analytics, AT Internet, Webtrends, Adobe Analytics, Eurelian, etc.).

Access the Integrations page

To access the Integrations page, log in to your Kameleoon App.

Click Administrate > Integrations in the left menu.

On this page, you will find the list of all solutions you can integrate with Kameleoon.

Kameleoon’s reporting tool is already configured by default – so you will not find it in this list!

For each tool, the status on the right indicates you if the solution has been set up or not:

  • If an Install icon is displayed, the tool has not been set up; you will not be able to select it as reporting tool;
  • If OFF is displayed, the tool is set up but disabled; you will not be able to select it as reporting tool;
  • If ON is displayed, the tool is set up and enabled; you will be able to select it for the selected website(s);
  • If a padlock is displayed, your package does not give you access to this tool.

Add a new reporting tool

Click on the tool of your choice to set it up and add it to your integrations.

In the menu that unfolds click on the Install the tool button.

On the left, select the website(s) on which you want to set up the tool.

On the right, enter the settings specific to the selected tool (if needed).

Finally, click on the Validate button to add the tool.

Enable/Disable a reporting tool

To disable a tool, simply unselect all websites on which the tool is configured.

On the contrary, to enable a tool, select one or several websites on which you want to configure it.

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