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Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 12/11/2023

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By integrating Kameleoon with Piwik PRO, you can capture and analyze user interactions targeted by Kameleoon campaigns, providing valuable insights into the performance of personalized content. This documentation will walk you through the setup process, detailing how to send track events from Kameleoon to Piwik PRO. 

Key benefits

  • Unified Analytics: Integrating Kameleoon with Piwik PRO allows for a more comprehensive view of user behavior by combining data from Kameleoon experiments or personalizations with Piwik PRO analytics.
  • Enhanced Targeting Insights: The integration enables tracking of user interactions specific to Kameleoon campaigns in Piwik PRO, providing valuable insights into the performance of targeted content variations.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Access to Kameleoon campaign data in Piwik PRO facilitates informed decision-making by correlating user engagement metrics with experiment or personalization outcomes.
  • Holistic Visitor Understanding: Integrating tracking events in Piwik PRO offers a complete picture of user journeys, including how they interact with personalized content, contributing to a more nuanced understanding of visitor behavior.
  • Optimization Opportunities: The combined data from Kameleoon and Piwik PRO allows for identification of areas that may benefit from further optimization, leading to more effective campaigns and better user experiences.



  • Kameleoon Account: Ensure you have an active Kameleoon account with the necessary permissions to configure integrations.
  • Piwik PRO Account: Have an existing Piwik PRO account with access rights to set up integrations and manage tracking events.
  • Kameleoon and Piwik PRO tracking codes: Confirm that both Kameleoon and Piwik PRO tracking codes are correctly implemented on your website.

Create a new custom analytics integration for Piwik PRO

On your Kameleoon App, click on Admin in the left menu, then on Integrations.

To add a new custom analytics integration, click on the button at the top right.

A pop-in will open.

You will have to set up and activate the integration of this new analytics tool. Name your custom integration (you can name it “Piwik PRO”) and select the project(s) on which it will be available.

Then click on Next.

If you want to know more about custom analytics, please read the dedicated documentation.

Copy and paste our Piwik PRO sample code into the pop-in section. You can adapt the sample code to your needs. Don’t forget to add your own slug in the code, line 11 in the sample code.

Note: Any custom code added here will be exposed in the kameleoon.js file and so available publicly. Please do not put private API keys or passwords in this section.

Then validate your custom integration.

Your analytics solution is added to the list of your integrations.

You can modify the installation code later if needed, deactivate the tool or delete the integration.

Associate your Piwik PRO integration with a campaign

In the Graphic/Code editor

When finalizing your experiment, click the Tracking and Goals step to configure your custom analytics as a tracking tool. 

Your analytics tool will be mentioned in the summary pop-in before going live.

Kameleoon will automatically transmit the data and you will be able to view your results directly in the analytics tool.

On the personalization creation page

In the same way as A/B testing, you can select your custom analytics among the reporting tools for a personalization.

On the results page

Once your custom analytics integration is defined as a reporting tool for a campaign, you can select (or unselect) it via the results page. To do this, click on Reporting tools in the right panel to open the corresponding menu.

The reporting tools associated with the campaign are displayed. Click Edit to edit this selection.

You can then select or unselect the tool. Then click on Validate and continue to finalize or update your campaign.

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