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Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 05/28/2024

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Data warehouse integrations are available as a premium add-on for our Web Experimentation and Feature Experimentation module. For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Warning: The credentials provided must be with the “Key Pair” authentication option and not the “Password”.

Activate Snowflake as a destination

Once you have enabled the Snowflake integration for your project, you can activate Use Snowflake as a destination to seamlessly send the results of your Kameleoon campaigns to Snowflake.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Within the selected project’s configuration, you’ll find a section labeled Use Snowflake as a destination. Open this section.
  1. Provide Snowflake Project ID (Required): After activating the feature, you’ll need to provide the Snowflake project ID associated with your Google Snowflake project. This project ID is a critical component for directing campaign results to the correct destination within Snowflake.
  1. Validate: Click Validate to save and apply your configuration settings.

What “Use Snowflake as a Destination” does

Enabling Use Snowflake as a destination will stream all Kameleoon experiment exposure events into Google Snowflake.

The events will be saved in the KAMELEOON_EVENTS schema of the KAMELEOON database you created with write access for the user you created for Kameleoon during setup, in a table called kameleoon_experiment_event.

The SQL schema of this table is the following :

CREATE TABLE  kameleoon_experiment_event (
     nonce  BIGINT  PRIMARY KEY, // unique identifier of the event
   timestamp  BIGINT, // timestamp in millis of the event
     visitor_code  VARCHAR(255), // Kameleoon visitor identifier
   custom_visitor_id  VARCHAR(255), // Visitor identifier used by your company
     experiment_id  BIGINT, // Kameleoon id of the experiment
     variation_id  BIGINT // Kameleoon id of the variation

The custom_visitor_id is read from the Cross Device Reconciliation custom data, if it has been set.

With campaign data stored in Snowflake, you gain the ability to perform in-depth analysis and reporting. You can leverage Snowflake’s querying capabilities to extract valuable insights from the collected data, helping you make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns and user experience.

By centralizing Kameleoon campaign results in Snowflake, you contribute to the enrichment of your Snowflake database, making it a comprehensive repository of user data that can be used for a variety of analytical and business intelligence purposes.

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