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Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 03/29/2023

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As experiments become more complex, ensuring that they work effectively and are bug-free becomes more difficult. Previously, developers had two options:

  • writing JavaScript code directly in Kameleoon and using the Previsualization feature to check it
  • or copying and pasting code into the Chrome developer console.

Both of these methods were cumbersome, lowering productivity for developers, and potentially didn’t match production conditions, sometimes showing differences when simulating experiment behavior.

Developers can now write JavaScript or TypeScript code in the popular Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE, thanks to our Kameleoon and Visual Studio extension. Any updates are automatically detected and sent to their browser via Kameleoon’s Chrome extension. Chrome then injects the new code into the Kameleoon engine and automatically reloads the page. Visual Studio Code is the first development environment we are integrating with – with others potentially added based on client requests.

For more details please read our developers documentation