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Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 05/22/2023

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Are you a Eulerian Analytics client? When you create a personalization with Kameleoon, you can read your results in Eulerian, a proprietary data collection platform. The campaign data is then transmitted to segment the analyses in Eulerian’s tools.

Activate Eulerian on Kameleoon

Log in to your Kameleoon App, click on “Admin” and then “Integrations” in the sidebar.

For more information on this page, see our dedicated article.

By default, the tool is not installed. This is signaled by this icon:

With a click on “Install the tool”, you will be able to select the projects on which you want to activate it, so that information can be correctly reported to Eulerian.

Once you have configured the tool, click on “Validate” in the bottom-right corner: the configuration panel closes. You will then see a “ON” toggle on the right of the tool’s line, as well as the number of projects the tool is configured on.

The data will be automatically pushed to Eulerian if it is installed on your pages.

Please note that if you need to slightly change the behavior of our native bridge, you can create a custom analytics bridge and use our Eulerian sample code you can take from our Github repository.

Retrieve and use Kameleoon personalization data in Eulerian

In Eulerian

On your Eulerian account, go to the “List of personalization parameters” menu.

Click on “Add a personalization parameter”.

Name this new personalization parameter and select the type “user-centric”.

Validate the creation of the parameter.

In Kameleoon

Once your custom setting is created on Eulerian, you can associate it with a Kameleoon personalization. The data of this personalization will then be automatically sent to Eulerian. To do so, on the page for creating a new personalization, in the “Monitoring tools” section, select Eulerian Technologies. The drop-down menu allows you to choose the personalization parameter to associate.

The data will be automatically pushed to Eulerian.

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