Manage third-party analytics integrations

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 05/10/2023

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Managing third-party analytics tools for your feature flags is very simple once you have set up your integration already.

Note: Integrations for third-party tools are only compatible with Web SDKS and currently not available for Mobile SDKs.

To start, create a new flag or open an existing one. Then, in the left-side menu, navigate to the Integrations page under the Reporting section. 

Before you start relaying information for a feature flag to your third-party analytics tools, it’s important to determine what data you want to collect and analyze. This page below lets you identify what data is useful to you for this particular flag.

You will see all of the integrations that you have already linked to Kameleoon from the Admin section and be able to choose whether you want data exported for:

  • Delivery Rules: sync data for Targeted and Progressive delivery rules only
  • Feature Experiments: sync data for Experiment rules only

Choosing one or both of these options gives you control over how much data lands into your analytics tool so always check your integration configurations before you release your feature to ensure that your analytics data is accurate, relevant, and actionable.

To benefit from this feature, you will need to implement both our SDK and our Kameleoon JavaScript tag. We recommend you implement the Kameleoon Asynchronous tag, which you can install before your closing <body> tag in your HTML page, as it will be only used for tracking purposes.

All Kameleoon SDKs employ the getEngineTrackingCode method to return the JavasScript code to be inserted in your page to automatically send the exposure events to the analytics solution you are using.