Use the Activity Logs

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 07/25/2023

1 min


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The Activity Log is available for each feature flag you create and can be very useful for your product or engineering teams to monitor and troubleshoot their feature releases. 

Once you have created a new feature flag or editing an existing one, navigate to the Activity Log under the Reporting section on the left-side menu.

Once inside, it will provide you with a record of all the activities and events that occurred for this feature flag, including changes made to rule configurations. In this guide, we’ll cover how to use audit logs effectively to help engineering teams manage their systems.

From left to right, the columns give you information about when the change was made, what was the change and who made it, which environment the change occurred in, and the type of event it was. 


On the right side of your screen are filters that can help narrow down events precisely based on your requirements:

  • Filter by environment
  • Filter by date range
  • Filter by event type
  • Filter by flag contributor  

In the event of unforeseen downtime, security breach or abnormal behavior of your applications(s), logs can be helpful to trace back the source of the problem and rectify it easily.