Reshuffle traffic for a rule

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 08/03/2023

1 min


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This feature allows you to manually redistribute traffic of your user segment towards the chosen variation(s) for any active rule. By reshuffling, you initiate a complete rebucketing process, which means that users may be exposed to different variations than before. This help document will guide you through the steps of using this feature and explain the potential impact on user experiences during the reshuffling process.

Navigate to the delivery or experiment rule for which you want to reshuffle traffic, and click inside the menu. Ensure that the rule is currently active. Confirm the action when the prompt appears. 

Reshuffle will only take effect after saving. You can dequeue the reshuffle action by repeating the same steps and choosing Undo reshuffle

Once saved, Kameleoon will now redistribute traffic among the rule’s variations from scratch. Some users may see a different variation than they previously encountered, while others may continue to see the same variation.

Note: If you are monitoring results and metrics for an ongoing feature experiment or delivery, reshuffling traffic will skew your results and may impact user behavior and key metrics. 

Use this feature when results prior to reshuffling are irrelevant or unnecessary, and avoid reshuffling any rule that is active for a substantial amount of time – since results will likely be invalidated post-reshuffling.