Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 09/11/2023

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Support for the following providers is coming soon:

  • Snowflake
  • Redshift
  • Microsoft Azure


Choose a project containing the data you wish Kameleoon to poll.

Create a service account for Kameleoon within that project that has the BigQuery Data Viewer role.

Type “service accounts” in global search bar and click on the suggested result.

Click Create service account.

Fill in the mandatory fields then click Create and Continue.

Start typing “BigQuery data viewer” in the Select a role field and click on BigQuery Data Viewer when it appears in the dropdown search.

Click on Done at the bottom.

Create a new dataset called “kameleoon” in your project

Select the region or multi-region that suits you best.

Grant the service account BigQuery Data Owner status on this “kameleoon” dataset. To do so, complete these sub-steps:

  • In the BigQuery dashboard, click on the kameleoon dataset in the  Explorer bar on the left.
  • Click Sharing on the top right then Permissions.


  • Type in the Kameleoon service account name in the Add principals field (the interface should offer auto-complete in a drop-down menu with the full name of the service account, you can click on it).

  • Underneath in the Assign Roles field type “BigQuery Data Owner” (as above, a drop-down auto-complete menu should appear, you can click on it).

  • Finish by clicking SAVE.

Create a custom role that has the permission. Here are the sub-steps:

  • Go to Roles, that you can find by typing “Roles” in the console global search field.

  • Click CREATE ROLE at the top left.

  • Fill in the configuration fields as you wish (title, description…).

Click ADD PERMISSIONS and add from the drop-down list that has appeared in a pop-in window, then click ADD.

  • Finalize the custom role by clicking CREATE.

Add this custom role to the service account you created with these sub-steps:

  • Go to IAM in the sidebar of Google Cloud dashboard.
  • You should see a list of Principals. A service account is a Principal. Find the kameleoon service account in the list and click the pen logo on the left to edit the principal.

  • A configuration sidebar appears on the right, click Add Another Role and find the custom role you created above in the drop-down auto-complete menu.

  • Click SAVE.

Download the service account JSON credentials file, encrypt it and send the encrypted file and key separately to your customer success manager.