Integrate Kameleoon with CloudImage

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Updated on 02/03/2023

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Activate Kameleoon on CloudImage

In your CloudImage back office select “Image settings” then the “Domains” tab.

Scroll down to create an alias, as recommended by Cloudimage, prefix and suffix the aliases with double underscores.

Next, specify the Kameleoon path name “” (remember to change “XXsiteCodeXX” by your Kameleoon sitecode).

Make sure to save the new settings at the end of the page.

Note: Do not hesitate to consult Cloudimage documentation for more option details.

Activate CloudImage on Kameleoon

First log in and go to your dashboard project page (with an admin account).

Choose your project and click on “Setup”

Then in the Resource Hosting section, select “Yes ( Image Only)” and then enter the following URL according to your cloudImage token and to the CloudImage setup:

Where “Token” is your cloudImage token and “_XXsiteCodeXX” is the alias you created in cloudImage  to shorten the URL. We recommend using the Kameleoon sitecode as an alias. 

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