Integrate Kameleoon with Jira Software Cloud (with Zapier)

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 11/15/2023

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This guide outlines the steps to set up integration between Kameleoon and Jira to allow for seamless issue tracking and status visibility, ensuring that issues in Jira stay in sync with Kameleoon feature flags. 

This integration streamlines workflows for development teams and project managers by allowing you to create, manage, and monitor feature flags via two key capabilities:

  1. Launch Flag Creation or Update: You can initiate the creation of a new flag or update an existing flag directly from Jira. This ensures that your development and experimentation workflows are seamlessly connected.
  2. Automated Status Updates: Whenever there is a status update for an existing flag in Kameleoon, a corresponding comment will be added to the associated Jira issue. Utilize the comment section under your issue to keep stakeholders informed about the lifecycle and changes made to the flag.

How to integrate Kameleoon with Zapier


  1. A Zapier account.
  2. Access to both the Jira and Kameleoon platforms.

How to connect

  1. Create a new Zap. Log in to your Zapier account and head to the Kameleoon integration or create a new Zap. Search and select “Jira Software Cloud” as the linking app.

When selecting your Trigger and Action, you have two options:

  • Feature Flag Updated (in Kameleoon) → Add Comment to Issue (in Jira)
  • New Issue (in Jira) → Create Feature Flag (in Kameleoon)

Configure any necessary fields based on your specific use case. This may include selecting the project, flag, and specifying the new status.

  1. Connect your accounts. Sign in to your Jira and Kameleoon accounts if prompted. Follow the instructions to authorize Zapier to access both accounts. After setting up the trigger and action, Zapier will prompt you to test the integration.
  2. Enable and Automate. Once your Zap passes the test, enable it. 

You have successfully set up an integration between Jira and Kameleoon using Zapier. Your teams can now benefit from real-time updates on flag statuses and associated issues, and create or track feature flags without the need to switch between platforms.

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