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Updated on 02/03/2022

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Snowplow is a Behavioral Data Platform. With Snowplow, you can:

  • generate a high-quality behavioral data set as a source of truth for your organization, unified across all platforms and channels;
  • control the quality and compliance of your data with governance tooling built in at every stage of the solution;
  • model behavioral data with out-of-the-box, customisable incremental web and mobile models that shorten time to value, all managed securely in the Snowplow BDP Console.

With our Snowplow integration, you can now use Kameleoon’s campaigns events in any Snowplow Collector.

Key benefits

Send Kameleoon customer-level and event-level data to Snowplow in order to:

  • Drill down to individual customers and events
  • Zoom out to compare behaviours between cohorts and over time
  • Segment your audience by behaviour
  • Develop recommendations and personalisations engines

Enable Snowplow integration on Kameleoon

As a first step, you will need to have Snowplow installed on your website.

Note: Please note that we do not recommend triggering the Snowplow snippet from Kameleoon as each tool manages its own consent management policy.

Then you will need to activate Snowplow on Kameleoon. Learn how to set up a custom analytics integration on Kameleoon.

You can take our Snowplow sample code from our Github repository.

This code will send data to Snowplow whenever a visitor is being targeted by an experiment or a personalization. By default, we send the campaign ID, name, Variation ID and name, as well as our unique identifier (Kameleoon Visitor code) but you can adapt the code to your requirements.

 This custom bridge is based on the Events that Kameleoon puts at your disposal (Learn more about Kameleoon Activation API), and on Snowplow JavaScript API (Learn more).

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