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Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 03/12/2024

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Mediarithmics is a Data Marketing platform doing multi-device data collection (CDP/DMP), personalization, campaign scripting (DCO, Marketing Automation) and activation in programmatic marketing (DSP).

With our deep custom data bridge, you can find your Mediarithmics segmentation on Kameleoon and use it as a targeting condition in your A/B tests and your personalizations.

Key benefits

  • Quick and easy integration with Mediarithmics
  • Ability to use segment data from Mediarithmics in Kameleoon in order to target your visitors
  • Filter / breakdown any report by using Mediarithmics segments

Custom integration with Mediarythmics

You need to create a new custom data.

Use the Custom Javascript Code acquisition method. This code should be placed in the custom code section of the custom data.

const micsData = window.localStorage.getItem('mics_kam_seg');
 if(!micsData) return;
 return {value: JSON.parse(micsData).segments, overwrite: true};

The custom data should be set to the list of and strings types, the scope may be set to Visit.

Fetching Mediarithmics segment data in Kameleoon

The available segments in your DMP are being made available by Mediarithmics via a REST-API. Organisation ID and API key should be provided. Please talk to your Mediarithmics Success Manager (or the person in charge of the DMP at the company level) to get these informations.

Using a Mediarithmics segment in a Kameleoon segment

After the custom data for the Mediarithmics segments has been set up, you can build segments within the Kameleoon segment builder, by choosing the custom data and selecting is among the values, which will then show a list of every segment from the Mediarithmics DMP. Selecting one or multiple Mediarithmics segments will enable a targeting in personalizations and experiments.

External Segment Sync for Server-side

If you would like to use Mediarithmics segment data with one of our SDKs, you will need to follow the guidelines provided in each SDK documentation and use the method retrievedatafromremotesource.


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