Integrate Kameleoon with Git

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 07/12/2023

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The Kameleoon application provides various interfaces to quickly add or modify front-end (JavaScript) code for your campaigns’ variations. However, if you have developers in your team and plan on running a lot of experiments / personalizations, we recommend setting up a Git integration with Kameleoon. By following a simple convention, your experiment and personalization code files can be neatly organized in a Git repository, which will allow you to benefit from the various advantages of a source-control system (history of changes, team collaboration, etc). In addition, you can use your favorite editor or IDE to write your TypeScript or JavaScript code, which is much more convenient than writing code in an HTML text field in a browser.

In this repository, we provide a set of Gulp tasks that directly allow your Git code to be deployed to the Kameleoon platform. Underneath, it uses our Automation API to achieve this. By using Kameleoon in this way, you’ll be able to exploit the core added value of our platform (agile and quick development of experiments and personalizations on the front-end, without requiring dedicated deployments) without giving up your familiar development environment, tools and best practices. You get the best of both worlds.