Activate Webtrekk




Integrations page

Log in to your personal space at, click on “Configuration” and then “Integrations” in the sidebar.

For more information on this page, see our dedicated articleClick on the “+” next to Webtrekk to configure it and add it to your integrations.

In the menu that unfolds, click on the “Activate tool” button.

Select from the list on the left the website(s) for which you want to configure Webtrekk.

Finally, click on the “Validate” button to add Webtrekk to your reporting tools.

Associate Webtrekk with an A/B test

In the editor

When finalizing your test, click the “Tracking and Goals” step to configure Webtrekk as a tracking tool.

A pop-in opens where you can choose the tool.

Click on “Webtrekk” to move the toggle to “ON”.

You just have to validate your choice. Webtrekk will be mentioned in the summary pop-in before going live.
Kameleoon will automatically transmit the data to Webtrekk and you will be able to view your results directly in the tool.

In the results page

Once Webtrekk is defined as a reporting tool for an A/B test, you can select (or unselect) it via the A/B results page. To do this, click on “Reporting Tools” in the right-hand panel to open the corresponding menu.

The reporting tools associated with the test are displayed. Click on “Edit” to edit this selection.

You can select or unselect Webtrekk. Click on “Validate” to continue and finalize or update your A/B test.

Access Webtrekk results

In Webtrekk, you will be able to segment your visitors based on the Kameleoon tests and variations they have been exposed to. These segments can be used in the Webtrekk analysis modules.