Setting up Mixpanel




Thanks to the Kameleoon/Mixpanel bridge, you can retrieve data from your Kameleoon personalizations on your Mixpanel platform.

An additional feature is under development. Soon you will be able to target visitors on Kameleoon based on their belonging to a Mixpanel segment.

Enable Mixpanel integration on Kameleoon

To use Mixpanel, you must activate it on the Integrations page.

Log in to your Kameleoon back-office. Then use the left side menu, click on “Configuration” and then on “Integrations”.

For more information on this page, please read our dedicated article.

By default, the tool is not installed. This is signaled by this icon:

With a click on “Install the tool”, you will be able to select the websites on which you want to activate it, so that information can be correctly reported to Mixpanel.


Click on the “Validate” button to add Mixpanel to your reporting tools.

Associate Mixpanel as reporting tool in a Kameleoon personalization

On the page for creating a new personalization, once Mixpanel is activated on the Integrations page, you can select it as a reporting tool for your personalization.

Kameleoon will automatically transmit the data (Experiment name and Variant name) to Mixpanel, by using the Experiment API of Mixpanel. To know more on how to use Kameleoon’s experiment data to analyse the impact of each variant on your KPIs, please read this documentation.