Create forms: introduction

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 11/10/2023

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With the Kameleoon Widget Studio, you can create and display a fully customized form on your website.

We propose you to discover how to build your form through a concrete use case. 

In details, in the following chapters, you will learn how to:

Use case

Here is the use case we are going to build.

You want to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Your goal is to collect email addresses and to offer your visitors the possibility to choose among your different newsletter options, in order to provide the most personalized offer possible.

The widget must therefore be able to collect data, check if the data is in the right format, send it to the right destination and react according to these flows.

To do this, you will create a widget containing a form with several elements:

  • an Email address field
  • two selection dropdowns including a conditional logic
  • a toggle to accept the Terms & Conditions
  • a screen in case of successful data sending
  • a screen in case of failed data sending

First, you need to create a new widget.

Then you can follow these steps to create your form on our Widget Studio:

Let’s start!

If you want to know more about form limitations, please read this article.