Add a wheel of fortune to your widget

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 07/10/2024

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The wheel of fortune widget is an element you can add to your website to encourage user participation and boost engagement. Follow these steps to insert and customize a wheel of fortune into your Kameleoon widget.

Add the wheel of fortune element

In the widget editor, locate the left sidebar with various elements.

Scroll down to the Media section.

Click on Wheel of Fortune to add it to your widget.

Once the wheel of fortune is added, a settings panel will appear on the left.

Adjust the position (X and Y coordinates), width (W), and height (H) as needed.

Ensure Devices synchronization

Ensure the Devices synchronization option is set according to your needs, allowing consistent behavior across different devices.

Customize the wheel settings

Under Wheel Settings, set the number of slices. For instance, you can set the slices count to 10.

Add new slices as needed by clicking on Add new slice.

You can choose to allow users to play multiple times.

Customize the slices

Click on each slice (e.g., Slice1, Slice2) to edit its content.

Set the content type to Text and enter the desired text for each slice.

Adjust the background color and other style settings as needed.

Set wheel chances and animations

Under Wheel Chances, configure the probability for each slice to be selected.

Set the spin animation settings under Spin Wheel Animation to customize how the wheel spins and stops.

Configure the play button and the arrow

Customize the play button by selecting Wheel Button from the content list.

You can change the text content to any desired text.

You can also enable background color and set it to a contrasting color for better visibility.

Customize the arrow button by selecting Wheel Arrow from the content list.

Edit the states of the element

Select the STATES tab to find additional properties that allow you to fully edit the style of each state of this element (Hover, Active, Disabled…).

Final adjustments and preview

Review all settings and adjustments.

Preview your widget to ensure yout Wheel of Fortune is functioning as intended.

Save and activate

Once satisfied with the widget, click on Save to save your changes.

Activate the widget to be able to use your Wheel of Fortune in your campaigns.

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