Associate a widget with a campaign

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 04/17/2024

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In order to associate a widget, it must be created and activated.

You haven’t created a widget yet? Create a widget from A to Z in the Widget Studio, from our template library or from code.

You have created a widget but it is not yet activated? To activate it, please follow these instructions.

Note: To avoid incompatibility between the widget’s CSS and the one used on your website, you can activate the option Generate the code of all graphic widgets using JS with shadow DOM in the Configuration page of your project.
If you activate this option, widgets already used in a campaign will automatically update when the campaign status changes. If you use CSS class names from your website in your widgets, styles may not apply correctly.

Associate a widget with an experiment

To learn how to add a widget to an experiment via the A/B graphic editor, please read this documentation.

Associate a widget with a personalization

To learn how to add a widget to a personalization, please read this documentation.

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