Are there any limitations using forms?

Common Intermediate Widget

There are very few limitations adding form elements to your widgets. 

Yet, there are two points you should have in mind:

  1. While designing your form, if your form is made to be displayed on different devices, we advise you to add all your elements in Desktop Mode. Indeed, you will save time: by default, all the settings applied for Desktop are replicated on other devices. Whereas all the changes made on Mobile or Tablet are specific to these devices. In practice, it means that if you add your form element on Tablet view, your element will appear on all devices but all the element settings you configure will be specific to Tablet. Which means that if you want to apply the exact same setting on other devices, you will have to manually set them on desktop and mobile. Our team is already working on improving this behavior, to offer you a better user experience in the future.
  1. Your form needs to be built on a unique screen. For the while, it is impossible to create a form splitted into multiple screens. You can obviously create a multiple screens widget, but if you want to add form elements on different screens, you need to create different forms (and not a unique one). In practice, it means that if you have 2 screens, with form elements on each screen, all your form elements in Screen 2 need to be linked to a Form Id which is different from form elements in Screen 1.

To do so, while designing Screen 2, unfold section “Form settings”, click on “Add form ID”, and then link all Screen 2 form elements to this new form.