Video pop-in




With Kameleoon, you can add to a page of your site a pop-in containing a video.

If you do not know how to add a preset widget to an A/B test, read our article on the subject.

Video URL

First, indicate the URL of your video.

Note: On the main video hosting platforms, you will find this link in the “Share” section under the video.


Here you can adjust the size of your video pop-in.

Select “Adjust the pop-in size automatically” to make the pop-in size automatically adjust to the user’s window and device.

Or select “Define a specific size” if you want to adjust the size of the pop-in yourself.

Display for devices

With a few simple clicks, you can decide on which devices you want to display your widget: computers, smartphones or tablets. By default, all devices are selected. Click on the icon of your choice to unselect this device.

Note: You can also include or exclude devices when you create your segment.

Display options


Two options are available:

  • Add a semi-translucent background: your website on the background will be darkened to make the pop-in more obvious.
  • Close pop-in if visitor clicks outside: the user will be able to close the pop-in with the close icon or simply by clicking anywhere outside the pop-in;
  • Automatically play the video when the pop-in opens.


Do not forget to click on “Save” to validate the creation of your widget!