Variation menu




In the graphic editor, right under the name of the test you are editing, you can see its status, creation date and last backup.

On the right, you will find the list of your variations. It always includes:

  • The original: the original page of your website. This page is used as a reference for your test, you cannot change or delete it.
  • At least one variation: By default, a variation named “Variation 1” is created. You can add or delete as many variations as you want but you must always keep at least one variation on your test.
  • The “+” button: With a click on this button, you can create a new variation.

What is a variation?

A variation is a copy of your webpage, which can be edited in order to prepare an A/B test.

When you add a new variation, Kameleoon makes a copy of the original page (the one from which you started Kameleoon). Every change will be saved in the variation. When the test is launched, the variation contains all your edits.

Note : The variations you created are not limited to one A/B test and can be re-used for other tests or personalizations. Moreover, the changes made in a variation can be applied to other pages than the one you edited. For instance, if you want to change the color of every “Add to basket” button of your website, you can do it very easily with Kameleoon by targeting the pages you want to include in the test. For further information, please read our article about Multi-pages A/B test.

New variation

The “Original” tab with the padlock icon is the original page from which you started Kameleoon. It is locked to avoid any modification. All changes have to be done in the variations.

With a click the second tab, “Variation 1”, you create a copy of the original web page,  where you can include modifications.

To add a new variation, click on the “+” button. Please note that it is recommended to have only one major change for each variation.

Note: You can create an unlimited number of variations with Kameleoon. However, the more variations you have, the more traffic you need.

If you click on one of your variations (other than the  “Original”), a menu will open under the header, giving  you access to different features. The features enable you to add a new element (such as a pop-in or a new paragraph), CSS or JavaScript code, or to pre-visualize, rename, duplicate or delete your variation.