Use the Kameleoon Graphic Editor extension

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 04/24/2024

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You can enhance your use of our Graphic editor with the Kameleoon Graphic Editor extension.

When to use the Graphic Editor extension

  • Some websites may restrict the usage of an iframe. To address this issue, you can use our Graphic Editor extension in order to override these restrictions, allowing the launch of the Graphic editor on such websites.
  • Additionally, certain websites exclusively present their mobile version when detecting a mobile user agent. To ensure seamless display of the Graphic editor’s mobile version, your browser needs to be informed that a mobile device is being used. Our extension facilitates this process as well.

How to install the Graphic Editor extension

Click here to access our Kameleoon Graphic Editor extension on the Chrome Store and download it!

There’s nothing else to do: the extension is active.

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