Predefined tags

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 12/05/2023

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There are three predefined tags that you can use with your experiments to change the default behavior of Kameleoon:

  • TECHNICAL: When you add a “TECHNICAL” tag to an experiment, Kameleoon will display the variation of the experiment, but no data will be collected or sent to an analytics platform until consent has been given. This tag is typically used for experiments or personalization campaigns that display the same variant to all users.
  • DELAYED: Adding the “DELAYED” tag to an experiment allows you to delay non-essential experiments until after the first page load. Experiments with this tag are intelligently managed. Kameleoon doesn’t download the configuration until an idle time of at least 10 seconds after the initial page load or until the visitor is targeted and allocated with a variant that is not the control variant.
  • LIVE-UPDATE: By default, Kameleoon downloads active experiments and includes them in the application file (kameleoon.js). The browser stores and caches this file for 90 minutes. If you stop or modify an experiment, targeted visitors returning to a page with active experiments within the 90-minute caching period may still see the experiment due to the existing configuration in the cached kameleoon.js file. To make more frequent updates without being impacted by browser caching, the Live Update Experiments feature refreshes any experiment tagged with “LIVE-UPDATE” within one minute. This is particularly useful for campaigns that require regular updates without being affected by browser caching.