Use the multi-device feature

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 04/25/2024

1 min


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You can use the multi-device feature in the Kameleoon graphic editor to preview how your design appears on that specific resolution.

Select the device icon at the top of the editor.

You can toggle between devices to test responsiveness and make necessary adjustments to your design elements for optimal display across devices. This feature is essential for creating a responsive design that provides a consistent user experience on any device.

When you wish to test your design on different smartphone resolutions, click on the three-dot menu located near the device selection toolbar. This will open a submenu that lists various smartphone models along with their screen resolutions. By clicking on a specific model, the editor will change the preview area to reflect that device’s resolution. You can then review and adjust your design to ensure it looks good and functions well on that specific device.