Edit an element’s style




In the graphic editor’s tool panel, the “Style” tab enables you to modify or add graphic effects to the selected element. Let’s take a look at the different available tools.

Hide/Show item

Click on this icon to hide the element. When the element is hidden, click again on the icon, which is no longer crossed out, to display the element again.

Copy and paste an item

With the above icon you can copy the element. Once it is copied, the two icons on the right are no longer dimmed. One will enable you to “Copy before” another element, the other to “copy after” another element.

Click on the icon of your choice, and select a reference element. Depending on your choice, the element will be pasted before or after this second element.

Add or edit text content and layout 

When you select a text, one of the available tools is called “Character”. Double click on your text to edit it or click on “Edit Content” to edit your paragraph in a pop-in.

To access the HTML of your element, click on “Source” and make your changes.

Note: Editing the source code of an element makes it entirely static as Kameleoon will replace the HTML code of the element by the one you will enter in the source code pop-in. So if the element contains dynamic elements, they will be overwritten by Kameleoon making them completely static. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you use this feature only if you believe the element you want to replace is not too wide on the page or only contains static content. If that’s the case, we recommend you rather inject your changes using JavaScript and/or CSS code.

Add or edit an URL

Click on “Edit URL” or “Add URL” to edit the element’s link or add a new one.

Change the background or outline

Click on “Image”, “Color” or “Border” to open a pop-in and make the changes of your choice.




Change opacity

Choose the opacity of your element thanks to the opacity gauge. 0% is a transparent element (hidden) and 100% is a completely opaque element.

Add a shadow effect

You can add an outline or an inner shadow, or both, to your element.


Click on “Edit Attribute” to open a pop-in and edit the selected element’s attribute.