Edit an element’s position




The “Position” tab makes it possible to modify the format, an element’s margins or the position on your page.


Different modes are available.

  • Insert before/after: move the selected element before or after another element of your choice.
  • Swap: swap two elements.
  • Insert into: inserts the selected element into the element of your choice.
  • Slide, anchor and extract: resize and move the element in the page, maintaining its original place or not.

For each of these options a tooltip offers further information on its role.


This tool makes it possible to modify the dimensions of the selected element. If links are enabled, the element’s proportions remain unchanged.

To resize the element, type the desired value in the “Width” and “Height” fields or click on “Resize manually”.

If you choose to resize manually, markers are displayed on the selected item. Click on one of them to drag and drop it to the desired position in order to resize the item.

If links are enabled in the tool panel, the element’s proportions remain unchanged.


With this tool you can modify the selected element’s internal or external margins. Activate the links on the right to automatically assign the same value to all margins.


The value of the Z-index enables you to define which element will be located above the other. For example, for two overlapping elements, one with a z-index of 1 will be placed above the one with a z-index of 0.