Edit history




Each action performed on your variations is saved in the history: you can retrace your steps at any time.

Simplified view

By default, the history is displayed in simplified view: two arrows enable you to cancel or restore the actions you have performed.

Click on the left arrow to cancel the last action performed, or the right arrow to restore the previously undone action.

If there is no action to undo or redo, the buttons are grayed out.

Note: Canceled actions are not deleted but disabled, so they are always visible in the list of actions performed.

Important: The history works by variation. The “Cancel” button will cancel the last action performed on the selected variation.

History by action

From the simplified view, click on the arrows at the top right of the history window to expand the window.

The list of actions you have performed on your variation is displayed here.

Hover your cursor over an action: different icons appear.

These icons enable you to rename, disable/enable or delete your action.


Click on this icon if you want to rename an action, to identfy it more easily among the other actions.


Click on this icon to disable an action, or re-enable a deactivated action. The action will be grayed out in the list and will not appear on your variation.


Click this icon to permanently delete the action.


History by element

In the “By Elements” tab you can display the history of your variation, ranked by element.

Click on the item of your choice to display the list of actions performed on that item.

You can perform the same actions as in the History tab: hover your mouse over an action to display the icons to rename, disable/enable or delete the action.