Change management on the graphic editor




As a general rule

You can modify several elements of your page via the graphic editor. However, the following rule must be observed:

When you edit an element in the graphic editor, always edit the parent element first.

Indeed, if you modify a child element, then one of its parents, the first modification is likely to be overwritten by the second: the tree structure must therefore be respected.

To make sure that you respect the hierarchy of elements when making modifications, two methods exist and can be used in a complementary way:

  • Use the hierarchical selection tool, which allows you to know the place of each element within the tree structure of your website;
  • Use the History panel, which allows you to make sure that each modification is taken into account and to select precisely an action you have made.

Using hierarchical selection

On the graphic editor, click on one of the elements of your page. A hierarchical selection tool appears, allowing you to navigate between parent and child elements.

In the example above, the “Title 2” element is contained in the “Block” element, which is contained in the “Section” element. In other words, the parent of this title is “Block”, which is a child of “Section”. It is possible to go up again in the hierarchical sequence by clicking on <…>.

If you make a modification on “Title 2” (edit its color, for example), then on the “Section” element (edit its dimensions), the modification on “Title 2” will not be taken into account: it has been overwritten by the editing of its parent element.

When scheduling several editing operations, start with the most important element hierarchically. For example, edit the section, then the block, then the title.

Using the History panel

The “By element” tab of the History panel located on the right side of the graphic editor allows you to view your changes by item and make sure that they have all been taken into account. If an editing action is deleted by another, it will not appear in the History panel.

This panel also allows you to select a specific action in order to deactivate or delete it and thus respect the modification hierarchy.

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