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Updated on 07/01/2024

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What is a trigger?

A trigger characterizes a precise event that may occur during a visit. Landing on a page, 30th second after page load or a visitor’s 2nd conversion for a given goal are examples for triggers.

In the Advanced Tools section of your Kameleoon App, you will be able to define the triggers that are relevant for the user experience of your product. You can configure the Kameleoon AI to make conversion probability predictions for this goal at any of the triggers you have defined. This will then allow you to use predictive targeting conditions when defining your personalization targetings.

You can find more information on this herehere and here.

Create a new trigger

To access the creation pop-in, in the left menu of the App, click on Configure then Advanced targeting tools.

Then click on the New tool button at the top right of the page.

Choose the Trigger type.

Several fields help you set up your trigger. First select your project.

Then name your trigger and select one or several event condition(s).

Click on Continue.

Then select the goals the trigger should be associated with for each site. Only goals used for marchine learning are listed.

Note: You can activate this option in the advanced parameters of your goals. The main goal defined in Audiences must be selected. Read more about this feature

Clik on Create to validate the creation of your trigger.

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