Target users by AI propensity score (Kameleoon Conversion Score)

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 12/21/2023

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Kameleoon Predict™ is an AI-driven tool for real-time personalization in online marketing. It leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze visitor behavior, generating a Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™) indicating their purchase intentions. This tool transitions marketing from segmented to predictive, allowing for actions tailored to individual visitors.

For more information on Kameleoon AI Opportunity detection, please read this documentation.

For more information on the Kameleoon Conversion Score, please read this article.

Step 1 : Define a KPI to track the conversion onsite and activate Kameleoon’s machine learning algorithms

Kameleoon allows you to define as many KPIs as needed and to activate machine learning algorithms that will automatically calculate, in real-time, the chance of a visitor converting against each of your important KPIs.

In our example, the only action required is to set the transaction KPI and to enable AI machine learning.

To do so, in the Advanced settings of your goal, enable the Use this goal for machine learning option.

Kameleoon Predict will then automatically rank each visitor based on their KCS. A KCS of 1 means the visitor has the lowest chance to convert compared to other visitors. A KCS of 100 means that they have the highest chance of converting compared to other visitors.

Step 2: Set up a segment with the KCS ranges you want to target

We now create a segment by using the KCS heat range criteria available in the segment builder. In this case, we want to target visitors with the highest chance of converting, meaning we select the 60-90 range.

Step 3: Create a personalization or an experiment

We can then use the segment in an experiment or a personalization campaign.

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