Update and Configuration




The finalization panel adapts during the creation and configuration of your A/B tests. The black button changes depending on the situation.

  • “Finalize” when your test has not yet started;
  • “Update” when your test is already online or paused;
  • “Configuration” when your test is stopped.

Finalizing a draft or scheduled test

As long as you have not yet launched your test, the available button is “Finalize”. To know more about the finalization phase of an A/B test, do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject.

When editing a scheduled test, it is necessary to save your changes with the “Save” button in the right panel.


A pop-in reminds you of the need to save any changes in order to see it applied.

Update an online test

If your test is online or paused, the button becomes “Update”.

Several options are available:

  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Start the simulation mode
  • Schedule the test on a particular date range
  • See the results

As soon as you make a change, in the panel the check on the right of the item turns gray (instead of green), and the “Save” button is orange and clickable. Click to save the change(s).

At the top of the menu, just above the previously detailed icons, a sentence confirms that the update is taken into account.

If you leave the window without saving your changes, a pop-in alert asks you to confirm your choice. There is still time to click on the button!

Setting up a stopped test

If your test is stopped, the button becomes “Configuration” and only the simulation and the consultation of the results are available.

Then click on the “Summary” button to display the summary pop-up of your test. No saving is available because of the status of the test.