Latest Release Notes

Latest product releases and main updates from Kameleoon

— 2021

April 2021

Ruby SDK

A server-side SDK for Ruby is now generally available for server-side experimentation and Feature Flags.


A client-side JS / TypeScript SDK that works for all main JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.JS..). This SDK gives you the possibility of running experiments and activating feature flags on your front-end JavaScript application.

March 2021

New Kameleoon Chrome Extension

The newest version of our Chrome extension (v3.0) helps developers further with their daily development workflow. Get a live list of all campaigns and quickly access any technical details, troubleshoot performance issues with a brand new Performance analysis center, and more, all without leaving your favorite browser.

Server-side SDK updates

Updates of our server-side SDKs (Java, C#, PHP and NodeJS) and mobile Apps SDKs (Android and iOS).

  1. Ability to retrieve JSON data associated with a variation of an experiment.
  2. Custom data targeting for experiments.
  3. Full support to feature flagging and rollout with a dedicated interface to empower tech teams to safely deliver and control updates through feature flags. We bring with it remote variables control (JSON, string, boolean, number) and custom data targeting capabilities to release feature flags to group of users.