“Goals” tab




The “Goals” tab allows you to observe whether the goals associated with the experience being simulated have been converted or not.

It consists of 4 columns.

“Associated Goals” column

All the goals associated with the experience are listed.

Note: If no goal has been set, the message “No goal set” is displayed. If more than 4 goals have been configured, a scroll bar appears on the right and allows you to scroll through them.

“Status” column

The status of each associated goal is indicated in the Status column. A goal is “Achieved” from the moment the visitor has performed the action specified by the goal. If not, the status of the goal is “Not achieved”.

Note: The displayed data are those of the simulation. The status and the number of conversions are yours only.

Note: A recently added goal may not convert properly in simulation mode. An update delay is indeed necessary before it can be correctly taken into account. You can either wait a little (the update will be done automatically), or regenerate the sitecode linked to your site to speed up the process.

“Number of conversions” column

This column shows the number of times the goal has been converted. It will therefore be “0” if the goal has the status “Not achieved”.

“ID of the goal” column

This last column tells you the reference ID of the goal. It is a unique reference that allows you to accurately identify your goal.

Note: This data may change in real time, depending on the actions performed on the page. For example, if a click tracker has been set on an item, the “Button Click” goal will change from “Not achieved” to “Achieved” when clicked, and the number of conversions will change accordingly.