Schedule a test




In the Kameleoon editor, you can schedule your test by defining a starting date, an ending date or both.

To do so, once your variations are created, follow the steps on the finalization panel, then on the summary pop-in click on “Schedule” instead of “Going live”.

A new page will open allowing you to schedule your test.

“Advanced schedule” allows you to set the time zone and/or set an automatic test stop. The automatic stop can take place when the reliability rate has reached the configured value and has stabilized; or when the traffic has reached a certain threshold, which you must define.

We recommend you not to define an end date before launching your test, as only the trust rate will tell you if your test can be stop of if it should still run before having reliable results. However it can be very useful if you want to run your test on a specific period or event for example. In all cases, we recommend you to check the trust rate before reading your results.