Release notes




Find here the latest product releases and main updates from Kameleoon.

March 2021 Product update

The newest version of our Chrome extension (v3.0) helps developers further with their daily development workflow. Get a live list of all campaigns and quickly access any technical details, troubleshoot performance issues with a brand new Performance analysis center, and more, all without leaving your favorite browser.

Updates of our server-side SDKs (Java, C#, PHP and NodeJS) and mobile Apps SDKs (Android and iOS).

  1. Ability to retrieve JSON data associated with a variation of an experiment.
  2. Custom data targeting for experiments.
  3. Full support to feature flagging and rollout with a dedicated interface to empower tech teams to safely deliver and control updates through feature flags. We bring with it remote variables control (JSON, string, boolean, number) and custom data targeting capabilities to release feature flags to group of users.

February 2021 Product update

Developers can now write all their code (experiment, global script, widgets..) in the free Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor and automatically synchronize it to our platform with a click thanks to our native GIT integration. Your code can also be instantly sent from VS Studio and evaluated on your website thanks to our Chrome extension. It’s no longer even needed to log in to our platform to interact and prepare your campaigns..!

January 2021 Product update

Any JavaScript code entered in the Global Custom Script insert is now executed before all experiments and personalizations.

This new update gives you as much control as possible over the timing of your custom code execution. You can modify the timing by including code that specifies when a piece of code should run. You will now be able to run more advanced experiments that depend on reusable variables, targeting conditions, and API calls with more ease and efficiency than before.

Here are some common use cases you can run:
  1. Tracking custom events such as the method of payment used when a visitor makes an order on your website
  2. Reusing variables across multiple experiments
  3. Running custom code to manage advanced single-page apps settings
  4. Managing custom analytics integrations to send experiments data
  5. Calling an API to retrieve segments from an external solution you would like to use in your personalizations


December 2020 Product update

Integrate Kameleoon seamlessly with your third-party data tools by using our new “Custom data values” feature. You can now assign a name (called key) to each of your values from the advanced settings of the custom data creation pop-in and use them when you create a segment.


September 2020 Product update

You can now fully create and edit your server-side and hybrid tests in the code editor. This makes the whole process a lot smoother and saves time.

By integrating Mixpanel, you can observe how your Kameleoon experiences impact the way users interact with your sites or applications.

Without the performance indicators, the dashboard loads much faster and you save precious time.
Find your indicators directly on your results pages and retain only the essential information.


July 2020 Product update

Your Kameleoon goals and your tools are now separated into two distinct tabs, so you can select them in no time all.

Need to replace some text in one of your variations? You can now make more detailed and precise changes. The tool now makes a distinction between upper and lower case, and you can choose to replace only the entire word.

The A/B editor automatically updates itself every time you add a new goal or a new segment from within the back-office. You don’t need to reload the editor to see them displayed.

You can take time to make your changes and they will only be applied once you have clicked on the “Update” button.

Segment i.o is now compatible with Kameleoon.

The “New custom data” pop-in is now expandable for more ease and readability. You can also adapt the size of your code-side window for greater convenience while developing.

For clients with the A/B testing package, a new targeting condition is available in your segment builder. Geolocation lets you include or exclude visitors from your traffic according to their country, region or city.

Increase the precision of your results analysis with the “Conversion” filter and breakdown that was previously only available to clients with the personalization package. You can now analyze the data related to the conversion of a goal.