What is personalization ?

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 10/06/2023

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– A definition of personalization, its benefits, and how to use it effectively.

Web personalization offers visitors a tailored experience to optimize your conversion rate.

In a physical store, a sales person will offer advice and personal attention to make the customer buy. Online, other factors such as the real-time understanding of visitor behavior and their business environment can help boost sales and  transform the  buyer journey into a simple, intuitive and positive experience.

As technology has become affordable, companies widely use personalization. Personalization continues to gain importance in a constantly changing market. Kameleoon provides marketing teams with the tools they need to tackle this challenge, and manage and implement personalization campaigns easily.

Benefits of personalization

Create a unique experience for your visitors by taking into account their browsing history, behavior, circumstances and interests:

  • Increase visitors loyalty, by offering a natural and personalized user experience
  • Seize opportunities and speed up marketing decisions using real-time data
  • Keep your website up-to-date and attractive, to make sure your visitors will come back
  • Manage marketing pressure, and avoid deteriorating your visitors’ experience with non-relevant offers.

Best practices

When starting your first personalization campaigns, keep in mind our recommendations:

  • Be fast: an effective personalization strategy should show results in less than three months,  enabling you to adjust your campaigns quickly according to these first results.
  • Identify your KPIs: As you are able to collect an ever increasing amount of user data, the challenge is to identify the data that counts most  for your buiness and helps optimize results.
  • Prioritize: there is a wide array of personalization possibilities, you should start with the most promising ones in terms of potential gains, impact and ease of implementation.
  • Make it last: the real benefits of personalization are measured in the long run.
  • Vary the pleasures: personalization will be more effective if carried out in different ways, on different pages, etc.
  • Think multi-device: in some cases, it can be useful to offer a personalized experience only for a certain device; in others it is better to offer different personalized experiences on each device.
  • Anticipate possible conflicts between segments: some visitors may belong to several segments and be exposed to more than one personalization campaign.
  • Capitalize on your customer data: existing data on your customers and/or visitors is a major capital asset and helps optimize conversions.
  • Ensure overall consistency: to avoid confusing your visitors.
  • manage internal organization and communication: to  be able to launch a great number of personalizations simultaneously.

More information on personalization

Personalization ideas

You can use personalization for the entire user journey on your website.

Here are some examples of personalization, easily implemented with Kameleoon.

  • Display a promotional message on your homepage for new visitors or visitors coming back after a long time.
  • Offer a discount coupon when a visitor adds a product to his basket, to encourage them to go through with his purchase.
  • Display a reassurance banner for visitors coming back several times on the same day without converting.
  • Display an offer according to local weather conditions.
  • Display an urgency message to visitors browsing your website for a long time without converting.

Ready to launch your first personalization? Find some tips to start with personalization in our Quick start guide.

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