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Updated on 08/03/2021

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Kameleoon offers several tools:

  • an App with 4 menus (Activate, Explore, Configure and Administrate);
  • a Graphic editor;
  • a Code editor;
  • a results page associated with each of your campaigns.


Experiments dashboard

  • Open the experiment creation tools
  • Find and manage all your created experiments

How to leverage your Experiments dashboard

Personalizations dashboard

  • Open the personalization creation page
  • Find and manage all your created personalizations

How to leverage your Personalizations dashboard


Analyze your audience to better understand your visitors and bring out the most relevant segments for your personalizations.


  • Target your visitors
  • Set your goals
  • Add widgets to your campaigns


  • Manage your sites
  • Manage your third-party tools integrations

Graphic editor

You can access the Graphic editor from the Experiments dashboard, or launch it directly on a page of your website.

Click on the “New experiment” button and select the “Classic A/B” type.

How to use the Graphic editor

Code editor

You can access the Code editor from the Experiments dashboard. Click on the “New experiment” button and select the “Developer A/B” type.

With Kameleoon’s Code editor, you can create, launch and manage code-based experiments without using the graphic editor. Inject JavaScript or CSS code directly into your variations and save time.

How to use the Code editor

Results page

You can access this page from the Experiments / Personalizations dashboard.

Simply click on the “Results” button associated with your campaign after it has been launched.

View the results of your experiments and personalizations and draw on that information to make the right decisions.

How to analyze your results

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