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Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 04/22/2024

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Audiences Analysis is a part of our AI Opportunity Detection Premium feature, which is an add-on.

For more details, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

How to configure Audiences

In the App, click on Admin > Projects.

Select a site, go to the Configuration page.

Open the Audience section.


Here you can define the primary goal as well as the conversion value that is linked to it.

By default, the selected goal corresponds to a revenue, but you can manually assign an amount to the goal conversion if the site is not an e-commerce one.

If you want to treat all your subdomains as a primary domain, please enable the Ignore the settings in the URL of your pages option.

You can also enable Activate the predictive targeting options to launch machine learning and automatically analyze all available data in real time.

Include primarily

Audiences automatically analyzes predictive segments, but you can select here other segments you want to track. These will then appear on your Audiences page.

How to install Audiences on a new project

Access the Configure Audiences page

  • If Audiences is not installed on any site

A special page is displayed, inviting you to install Audiences on a site.

  • If Audiences is installed on at least 1 site

On the Audiences page, click on + Add a site below the site selection dropdown.

The Configure Audiences page opens.

Step 1: Define the site on which you want to set up Audiences

In this first step you can select a website where Audiences needs to be installed.

Then you can define the typology of your website:

  • E-commerce (selected by default)
  • Media
  • Other

The selected type has an impact on the 3rd configuration step.

Step 2: Define your primary goal

In this step you can select a primary goal.

Your primary goal must correspond to the main conversion action of your site. For an e-commerce site, choose Revenue as the primary goal.

Step 3: Define the conversion value linked to your primary goal

This field defines the revenue generated each time a conversion is registered. This area depends on the type of website chosen in step 1.

  • If the site is defined as an E-commerce website

You need to select in the dropdown the goal associated with the cart amount.

  • If the site is not an E-commerce one

You need to manually define the gain (only numbers) generated by a visitor through conversion of the primary goal.

Advanced settings

This step is optional.

When you click on Advanced settings at the bottom of the page, an additional parameter block is displayed.

Include primarily: here you can select additional segments you want to track. They will then be available on the Audiences page.

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