Installation guide – Basic




Before launching tests on your website, you must install the Kameleoon script. This article will guide you through the installation.

If your plan offers this option, you can set up multiple sites with your Kameleoon account. This is particularly useful for testing your website and its mobile version or if you want to test Kameleoon on your pre-production site first.

When installing Kameleoon on your site, you have the choice between three types of installation:

This article shows how to proceed with the basic installation of Kameleoon.

The installation is quick and easy but you will need to change your HTML pages’ source code and add a JavaScript tag, which includes your site code. This script will never change, whichever tests you are running on your website.

You’re not familiar with all these technical terms? You do not know how to install the script on your pages? At any time, you can decide to let your developer take care of the installation by clicking on “Forward to your developer”. All you have to do is enter their contact details in the pop-in and Kameleoon will send them all the necessary information.

Access to the script

To obtain your JavaScript code, please log into your personal space.

In the left side menu go to the “Configuration” menu, then click on “My websites”.

Click on the “Setup” button below the URL of your website.

On this installation page you will find the script to be integrated into your website. Please note that this script contains your unique “site code” and will only work with the corresponding URL.

On the top right of this page, Kameleoon will indicate if the script is installed on your website or not.

Installing the script

Copy the script and paste it in your pages’ source code. To do so, use a source code editor (such as Notepad or Brackets) and open the file generating your pages’ source code. Add this code on all of your website’s pages.

We recommend you add Kameleoon script right after the <head> element of your pages.

Tip: While it is not mandatory to install the script on all of your pages, it is highly recommended. If Kameleoon is installed on only part of your website, you lose features that cover the entire website, such as A/B test targeting options.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Kameleoon!

Site code

Your site code is unique and is used to identify your website. It is already included in the script so you should not have to worry about it.

However, if you choose an advanced installation of Kameleoon, you will need to insert this code in the script used for the installation.

Retrieving this code is very simple, you will find it in the “Installation” part of your Back-office. It is the highlighted part in the example below: