Select an algorithm for your product recommendation block

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 06/07/2023

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Kameleoon algorithms determine which products to recommend (e.g. the most popular products, similar products to the one currently being viewed by the user, etc.).

Here are the list of available algorithms:

Popular productsThis algorithm returns products sorted by sales rate.
Similar productsThis algorithm returns products from the same category, considering as well the list of product characteristics (returned by the API). The price should be between 85% and 125% of the present product. If there aren’t enough products returned to fill the whole slider, then the price range is extended to 50-150%. Additional filters based on other product characteristics can be added. 
Products usually purchased with this product This algorithm returns products often bought together with the current product.
Interesting for youThis Machine Learning algorithm is based on the rule “visitors who bought the same products as you also bought these products”.
Trending ProductsThis algorithm is similar to “Popular Products”, but the sales rate is considered in a much shorter period (24 hours). Therefore, it represents the current trends and demand. The time frame (24h) can be edited in the settings.
Recently ViewedThis algorithm returns products recently viewed by the user, but that haven’t been added to the cart. If the block is displayed on a product page, the product currently displayed is also excluded from the selection.
Products usually purchased with the same shopping cartThis algorithm is similar to “Products usually purchased with this product”, but it applies to all the products present in the cart.
Product usually purchased after this search queryThis algorithm analyzes the search query and results, considering what product(s) have been purchased by other users who performed the same search. Such a block is usually displayed on the search result page. Be careful, the products returned by this algorithm aren’t necessarily matching the search query, and therefore, we recommend to separate it visually from the search result itself. 
Regular PurchaseThis algorithm computes the frequency of purchase per item and forecasts the right time frame when it needs to be displayed to the user. It could be displayed in the checkout or the user’s connected space. 
New ArrivalsThis algorithm returns products registered as “new” in the product feed.
Exact ProductsThis algorithm allows you to select and display specific products. 
Store RecommendationsThis algorithm allows to display products with a specific tag in the feed, e.g. “recommended”, “accessories”, etc.
Partially similar productsSimilar to “Similar products”, this algorithm returns products that have at least one common category/characteristic. 
Previously added to cartThis algorithm returns products that have been previously added to the cart.
Products usually viewed with this productThis algorithm returns products seen by other users after the current product.
Next best productThis algorithm returns the best product to purchase after the current product.

You can select an algorithm, set a quantity of product returned by this algorithm and add filters.

Note: If you set a limit of 10 products, but the limit of products in the block is 6, only 6 products will be displayed.

To learn how to configure advanced rules for your recommendation block, please read this article.