Analyse the performance of your product recommendation strategy

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Updated on 10/14/2022

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This is a premium feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable it on your Kameleoon Account.

Recommendation dashboard

In the product recommendation interface, click on Analytics > Dashboard.

Visits and financial stats

SessionsNumber of sessions for the selected period (7 or 30 days)
RevenueGenerated revenue for the selected period. 
Assisted RevenueAdditional revenue generated by your product recommendation blocks for the selected period
Unique usersNumber of unique users for the selected period
ConversionTransaction conversion rate (number of orders / number of sessions)
Average order valueAverage order value for the selected period (Revenue / number of orders)

Under each indicator, the difference in percentages and numbers compared to the previous period is indicated.

Additional revenue generated by the Product Recommendations

This block shows the total revenue generated by Kameleoon for the entire period of using the Kameleoon product recommendations.

Share of recommendation revenue vs. total revenue

The pie chart shows the ratio of total revenue to the share of revenue from Kameleoon product recommendations.

Recommender block performance

On your Recommender blocks dashboard, click on the name of a block to analyse its performance.

The first open tab is “Performance”.

By default, data are displayed for the last 14 days, but you can select any period in the dropdown at the top right of the page.

The page is divided between graphs and an “Overview” part on the right.


Here are the available data:

ImpressionsThe total number of block impressions (a visitor can see the block more than once)
Unique impressionsUnique impressions are equal to the number of unique visitors
CTRPercentage conversion rate from “Unique impressions” to “Unique clicks”
ClicksTotal number of clicks on products in the block
Unique clicksUnique clicks are equal to the number of unique visitors
ConversionPercentage conversion rate from “Unique clicks” to “Purchases”
PurchasesThe number of purchases made after the transition from the block to the product card
Average order valueRevenue divided by the number of purchases
RevenueTotal revenue generated by this block


Each graph displays an indicator for the selected period.

By hovering over the graph, you can see the indicator for each day of the selected period.

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