How to explain discrepancies in data between Kameleoon and Google Analytics ?

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You may see different results between Kameleoon and Google Universal Analytics. How can you identify the cause of these discrepancies? There are several possible reasons depending on the situation.

If you are comparing the same segment on Google Universal Analytics and Kameleoon

Discrepancies in the number of visits

  • (Frequently) The custom dimension is used in several experiments at the same time or is already used by your website for another purpose.
  • Google Universal Analytics is not installed on all the pages on which Kameleoon is installed (e.g. Kameleoon is also installed on the staging environment whereas Google Universal Analytics will only track data from the production one).
  • Cross-domain is not enabled on both Google Universal Analytics and Kameleoon.
  • The loading time of the Google Universal Analytics snippet is longer (e.g. your website has a high bounce rate), the data isn’t sent to Google Universal Analytics while it will be the case for Kameleoon.
  • Some IP addresses are excluded on one tool and not on the other (don’t hesitate to contact your Kameleoon Customer Success Manager about these excluded IP addresses).

Discrepancies in the number of conversions

  • All the above reasons.
  • Conversion tracking has not been configured in the exact same way on the two tools.
  • The compared data are not equivalent (e.g. total conversions / converted visits).

If your experiment has been launched on your entire website

Discrepancies in the number of visits

  • All the above reasons.
  • (Frequently) The timeout option is enabled: the script hasn’t loaded after one second, Kameleoon has been disabled, but on the GA side the data has been recorded.
  • Kameleoon did not target all browsers (incompatibility with some older browsers).