How does Kameleoon filter bot traffic from my results?

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Internet bots are software applications that run repetitive, automated tasks over the Internet. This behavior may impact the results of your experiments and personalizations as bots don’t behave like real visitors and inflate the volume of traffic (visits) to your site and may impact your conversion metrics (KPIs/goals). So, removing this traffic from your campaign results makes your data more accurate.

Kameleoon has developed internal algorithms to detect bots traffic on your website and filter it out of your campaign results. When building a visit from visitor events, the visit can be rejected from our statistics if detected as an outlier (bot, troll, tracker bug, etc.) if at least one of the following conditions is met during a visit:

  • Duration of the visit > 120 minutes
  • Duration of the visit < 100 milliseconds
  • Number of events (conversions, clicks, targeting, product, page view, etc.) > 10K

If you use Kameleoon Full Stack and code your experiments server-side, we recommend you read this article.