API Credentials

Written by Julie Trenque

Updated on 06/20/2023

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What are API Credentials?

By providing a client_id and a client_secret to an authorization end-point, you will obtain an access token.

You will then be able to access our Automation API by using this token as a Bearer Token present in an Authorization HTTP request header. This authentication enables access to data related to projects that you have configured in the Website authorizations section.

It is linked to a user account and can be used for all integrations that offer this authentication system.

A client_id and client_secret are also required when using server-side SDKs for Full Stack experiments or Feature Flags.

Retrieve API Credentials

To get your API Credentials, you must be connected to your Kameleoon App. Once connected, click on your avatar/initials in the upper right corner and go to My profile.

Your API Credentials can be retrieved by clicking on See my API credentials under your name and email address.

You can copy your Client-ID and/or Client-Secret using the copy function at the end of the line.

To generate a new Client-Secret key, simply click at the bottom of the popin.

You will also need your Client-Secret when integrating with third-party integrations such as Mixpanel, Segment, Contentsquare, Amplitude, etc.

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