Does Kameleoon have an impact on SEO?

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You might wonder if Kameleoon will have an impact on your SEO. Actually, it depends on how you set up your experiment.

Even though it is not clearly stated, most of the bots will not see experiments running but some can (such as Google bots).

Why? Because more and more websites are now highly dynamic so they had to adapt in order to read single page app websites for instance. To be fully compliant with SEO, we recommend to follow these simple guidelines :

  • Do not run your experiment for too long (more than 2 months) as bots could considerer you show a different page to different audiences.
  • For split URLs A/B experiments, you have to use the canonical tag (for further information about this tag, please refer to Google support and the article on how to use canonical URLs). Never do a “no index” one as it will impact your SEO, as bots will also be redirected to variation B. By seeing a “no index” tag they will considerer you don’t want them to see this content.

In a nutshell, bots will always index the page they see most often, so as a rule of thumb split traffic equally.