Does Kameleoon have an impact on SEO? Why has my webpage been de-indexed?

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You might be wondering whether Kameleoon will affect your SEO or why your webpages were suddenly de-indexed after launching an experiment. Actually, it depends on how you set up your experiment.

We always recommend following these simple golden guidelines:

  • Do not run your experiment for too long (more than 2 months) as bots could consider that you are showing different pages to different audiences.
  • Always split your traffic equally. Bots will index the page they see most often, so as a rule of thumb, it’s important to evenly distribute traffic between variations.
  • For Redirect / split URLs A/B experiments, you must use the canonical HTML tag (for further information about this tag, please refer to Google support and this article on how to use canonical URLs). Never use the “noindex” tag, as it will impact your SEO. Bots will also be redirected to variation B. By seeing a “noindex” tag, they will consider that you don’t want them to see this content and may view it as cloaking, which is almost certainly the primary reason for the deindexation of your webpages.

Note: Kameleoon automatically filters bot traffic from your results. For more information, please refer to our documentation.