What is Kameleoon technical structure?

Advanced Experiment Personalization Technical

Kameleoon was conceived in order to support a ramp-up of A/B experiments on websites with millions of visits each month.

Files needed by Kameleoon to run (file kameleoon.js containing Kameleoon engine and data on A/B experiments created from the editor) are hosted on a CDN optimized to serve quickly static content.

Experiments data are given directly to outside systems (Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, AT Internet, etc.), without passing through your servers, allowing an efficiant ramp-up.

The request to our servers (CDN not included) happens only when the editor is used or if you want to use our reporting tool.

Once the A/B experiment is launched, Kameleoon generates the kameleoon.js script, specific to your website and containing Kameleoon engine and Experiments data. This script is hosted and cached in Kameleoon CDN.