How to disable Kameleoon script ?

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Why disable the script?

  • If you attach great importance to the performance of your website and wish to limit the loading time as much as possible.
  • And if you don’t use Kameleoon continuously because you only need to test your hypotheses once in a while.

Kameleoon allows you to temporarily deactivate its script when you don’t use it.

How to disable the script?

A button to disable Kameleoon’s script can be found on the Configuration page of your website. When you click on it, all the content of the script is erased: the script is now 0Kb.

In your Kameleoon App, in the left side menu, click on Aministrate > Projects.

In the lower part of the card dedicated to your website, you will find two indicators:

  • the status of Kameleoon (enabled/disabled) ;
  • the script installation (installed/not installed/not detected).

To deactivate the script, the status must change from “Kameleoon enabled” to “Kameleoon disabled”. When hovering over the card, action buttons appear. Click Edit.

At the top right of the Configuration page, you’ll find an Actions menu. Click to access the available actions.

If you choose to disable Kameleoon, a confirmation pop-in will open and ask you to confirm your decision. If you disable Kameleoon, a confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page and your experiments and personalizations will no longer be active on your site or mobile app; however, your experiments will resume if you reactivate Kameleoon.

Once the deactivation is confirmed, the status becomes “Kameleoon disabled”.

How to enable the script again?

You can reactivate the script whenever you want. Just click on the button again. Your campaigns will then resume on your website.