How ad blockers can affect Kameleoon?

Common Intermediate Technical

If a visitor to your site has an ad blocking service or browser extension enabled, it is possible that Kameleoon is listed under the block list for this ad blocker. Extensions like AdBlock Plus, Ublock or Ghostery have been known to block Kameleoon assets, which prevents Kameleoon from executing on the page.

Some ad-blockers have / / on their blacklists. This can affect Kameleoon’s ability to record conversions on metrics and cause discrepancies in expected behavior for visitors with ad-block services enabled. Please note that if you use an adblocker, there is a high chance you won’t be able to access to create campaigns as some of our own ressources will also be blocked.

There is currently no way around this problem: if your visitors have activated an ad blocker, they will have to manually remove Kameleoon from the blacklist.

However, it is possible to display a message on your site encouraging your visitors to disable ad-blocking. This method has proven to be a good alternative.

If you believe you have a large portion of your visitors using ad blockers, Kameleoon can offer “on premise” tracking request URLs, which is a good option to avoid being blocked by ad blockers. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.